Frankenstein Hard Cover Illuminated Edition

Created by Ethereal Visions Publishing

The world’s first science fiction novel—and for many, the world’s first truly unique novel in the English language—was the culmination of myriad threads of fate. Taking a step back from the well known and beloved Hollywood version of Mary Shelley’s groundbreaking creation, this edition of Frankenstein will approach the story of the creator’s original concept of Frankenstein’s Monster. This edition is a self-reflection of the darker side of Victor and the relationship to his creation. Each chapter of this edition will have an original line illustration header created in the traditional style of artists such as Edmund Dulac and Arthur Rackham from the early to mid 1900’s. The book will feature four stunning tipped-in color plates revealing the journey of the monster from conception to birth to self-awareness and finally to the acceptance of mortality and solitude. This unique publication will include: • Hard cover 10" x 7.25" portrait Casebound; smyth sewn • Gold foil stamp with two colors on front and spine of cover • 240 pages (100gsm dong fang cream wood free pages) • Two color black and red interior (black text with red line illustrations on every chapter header) • Four full color tipped-in plates on tinted paper • Illustrated end pages • Ribbon marker • Gilded stained edges • Tissue covers for the 4 tipped-in plates • Frontispiece illustration • Aged appearance applied by hand to cover This edition will come complete with a foreword by Sean Kotz (Radford University Instructor, Cinema; Director, Horse Archer Productions).

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Files are off to the printer!!
11 months ago – Mon, May 20, 2019 at 01:24:35 AM

The files have been sent to the printer!!

Matt has been working non-stop, day and night on the interior design and illustrations, cover design for the printer, and the special end pages. We are happy to announce that everything is now in the hands of the printer. Now, we have the hardest part - the waiting. 

New Printer

Projects such as this are unique and can either run very smoothly or have several obstacles but we are confident in our new printer (same printer that produced the famous Frank Frazetta books Icon and Legacy from the late 90's as well as many of the Spectrum Fantasy books). They have been in the printing business for several decades and have a history of producing top quality books.

What do you pages look like?

We are so excited to share with you some of the final pages that will appear in our Frankenstein Illuminated book! Let us know what you think!

Hope & Matt

BackerKit Surveys are on their way!
about 1 year ago – Thu, Apr 04, 2019 at 10:57:12 AM

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Final Color Illustration!
about 1 year ago – Fri, Mar 29, 2019 at 02:22:22 AM


Just completed today! This will be the third color plate illustration in our Frankenstein Illuminated Edition - SELF-AWARENESS

"I will be with you on your wedding-night!" ~ The Monster

SELF-AWARENESS - 3rd full color tipped-in plate illustration.
SELF-AWARENESS - 3rd full color tipped-in plate illustration.

Next, Matt will focus on completing the interior header line illustrations. 


We will be sending out our BackerKit surveys in just a few days so please keep an eye out for them in your email (the email associated with this KS account). In the survey you will be able to add additional items. We will also post an update once they are sent.

Let us know what you think of the latest artwork!

Hope & Matt

We did it!!!
about 1 year ago – Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 12:37:53 PM


We are officially funded and this project will now move forward! A special thanks to everyone who offered their advice and feedback along the way. This project is a community effort and we thank you for your support!

Now Matt will return to his drawing cave and begin working feverishly on the remaining images needed to produce the final book. Once final files are handed off it typically takes 3 months to have a book printed and shipped to our fulfillment center. From there it can take up to 2 months to deliver the book to you so we don't have much time to wrap this up and have it to you by December. Once we hand off the book to the printers we will share with you the next book in the series - Dracula - and hope that you will also support us in that Kickstarter campaign as well!

Newsletter Subscribers:

As many of you noticed we offered special deals to our Newsletter Subscribers for this campaign. These deals included special pricing, sneak peeks at the designs, and even a giveaway of an original piece of artwork. We plan to do this again with Dracula so if you haven't already please sign up for our newsletter, follow us on social media and here on Kickstarter, and look for updates we will post here on this campaign. 


Our next step will be to send out surveys through BackerKit to all backers. At that time you will be able to add items to your pledge. Please keep an eye out for those surveys as they will be sent to your email address that is associated with your Kickstarter account. If you have any suggestions of add-ons we could offer please don't hesitate to share!

Thank you again for all of your support and help with this campaign. On to the next!

Hope & Matt

$30K Stretch Goal Unlocked!
about 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 06:33:59 PM


With just a few hours left we are excited to announce that we have unlocked another stretch goal - $30K STRETCH GOAL UNLOCKED: Tissue Covers for Tipped-In Illustrations!

Now all four tipped-in plates will now have a special acid-free tissue cover. Do you think we can reach the next stretch goal of $35K before tonight? We still have a few hours left so who knows! Please share the campaign one last time and help us add this Frontispiece Illustration to the book!

$35K Stretch Goal - Exclusive Frontispiece Illustration
$35K Stretch Goal - Exclusive Frontispiece Illustration

We want to thank everyone for their support with this campaign. As a husband and wife team it is a very scary venture to go into publishing. It is a field that many feel is dead but you are proving that view wrong and with every positive comment and pledge we continue to stay motivated and inspired to press on towards the next project (which in this case is Dracula)

So from the bottom of our hearts - Thank You!

Hope & Matt